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Fluffpop is the original Make Your Life Sweeter creation, introducing our gourmet sweets to the world! The mini, artisanal cotton candy has the texture and color of cotton candy with a completely unique flavor! Plus, it’s guilt free. One serving of Fluffpop is only six calories, plus it’s vegan and gluten free! Fluffpop is live-spun at select corporate events, weddings and parties, providing an interactive and fun experience for guests! Fluffpop “DJs” can spin the delicious treat onto a variety of items including straws, glow sticks and more. The mini cotton candy can be served alone or used to infuse and elevate any beverage. The exotic flavors add a robust pop of color and flavor to any get together!
Meet Hotpoppin: our premium, handcrafted, gourmet popcorn! Hotpoppin is truly an indulgence that you can feel good about. With gluten free, vegan and Halal options, it’s variety of flavors are sure to satisfy any and all cravings! Top-selling flavors include fried pickle, confetti, buffalo hot wing with ranch and Italian cream cake. Yasmeen Tadia, founder and CEO of Make Your Life Sweeter, recalls with fondness snacking on fresh, uniquely-flavored popcorn throughout her childhood in South Africa. Desiring for her son Zain to have a similar experience, she sought to recreate this nostalgic experience. Since 2014, Hotpoppin has continued to evolve into the flavorful, delicious, and widely-loved popcorn that it is today. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring clients’ dreams to life! Our team can customize popcorn flavors, colors, logos, bars and presentations that best suit your company’s personality and vision. Some of our recent projects include the Facebook holiday party, Neiman Marcus client gifts, happy hour at The Met. We are currently being featured in the Color Factory Houston’s Confetti Accumulation room (see our blog post about this colorful partnership!).  Hotpoppin handcrafted, gourmet popcorn is the perfect corporate gift, wedding favor, swag bag addition, or snack for your next event. Our team provides one-of-a-kind, popcorn bars with unlimited service for your guests at an event or the option to build a DIY bar for your office or clients. Order Hotpoppin for your next event today! 
The future of cotton candy is here! Sugaire celebrates the flavor and spirit of traditional cotton candy with only a tablespoon of sugar and a gourmet twist! Why not take a childhood favorite and make it all-natural, handspun, vegan, gluten-free and low in sugar? PLUS, it comes in a variety of sweet flavors, including everything from sea salt caramel to wasabi! In 2015, Sugaire launched at the New York Food and Wine Festival presented by the Food Network and Cooking Channel. The very next year our signature Rose Gold cotton candy with an edible gold dust was created to launch Paris Hilton’s Gold Rush perfume. And with that, Sugaire went viral! Since then, our cotton candy has been a hot commodity! At events you can find us serving glowing cotton candy in shot glasses or infusing various flavors of cotton candy into beverages to create custom drinks! You may have seen us at the Knot Gala in New York City infusing a clove spiced chai cotton candy into a hot tea, or at the Forbes CMO Conference in Laguna Beach pouring a hot french pressed coffee over vanilla gelato that was topped with our sea salt caramel cotton candy. Pina Colada, Rose Gold and Passion Fruit are a few other favorites to top champagne or add flavor and sparkle.Sugaire makes the perfect gift, too! Because it's organic, gluten free, vegan, kosher, halal, and chemical and dye free it can be gifted to nearly anyone! All pints are customizable. Make your next special occasion or corporate gift sweeter with Sugaire!
From the makers of Sugaire, Fluffpop, & Hotpoppin comes ModSweets, an artisanal, modern spin on classic sugar-fix favorites.  The range of hand-crafted, gourmet goodies features all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free versions of chocolates, marshmallows, and gummies in a range of flavors. Our founder, Yasmeen Tadia, is an entrepreneur at heart with a major sweet tooth. Yasmeen saw an opportunity to bring the yummy, joyful spirit of Fluffpop, Hotpoppin, and Sugaire to a widespread audience. ModSweets are now available for purchase in select hotels and boutiques so you can enjoy them on a daily basis—not just special occasions....And, these sweets are made for sharing … or not… we won’t tell!
Make Your Life Sweeter’s newest addition is the Zphere: a garnish like you have never seen before! The edible vapor bubble is as cool as it is delicious! It was clear that the only way to introduce such an amazing experience, would be to have its debut at a venue that matched its magnificence…. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City! The launch of the Zphere was the icing on the cake to our six year celebration and our guests quickly indicated that we invented a showstopper! (wish you had been there? Check out our blog post!) Make Your Life Sweeter often pairs Zphere with our signature color-changing Lychee drink! It is truly an astonishing sight to see as a dark blue drink fades to a light purple before your eyes. THEN, it is topped with a vapor bubble! Guests just LOVE to pop their Zphere and watch as it burst into a magical vapor cloud. Our Zphere vapor comes in a variety of fresh flavors, such as elderberry, strawberry, citrus, lavender, rosemary and lemongrass. Clients can top any beverage with a custom-flavored  Zphere to enhance the flavor and leave guests awestruck. Book now to throw an event that guests will never forget!